SS K-File(31mm)


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Stainless Steel K files

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Stainless steel dental K files are endodontic instruments used in root canal treatments. Here are their key features:

1. *Material:* Made of high-quality stainless steel, providing strength and corrosion resistance.

2. *Design:* Typically have a twisted, helical design with a pointed tip, allowing for efficient removal of pulp tissue and debris from root canals.

3. *Sizes:* Available in various sizes, each corresponding to a specific diameter and taper, allowing for precise cleaning and shaping of different root canal anatomies.

4. *Flexibility:* Exhibits a balance between flexibility and stiffness, aiding in negotiating curved canals while maintaining cutting efficiency.

5. *Cutting Edges:* The flutes or cutting edges along the file’s shaft are designed to remove dentin and other materials during the cleaning and shaping phases of root canal treatment.

6. *Sterilization:* Resistant to heat and sterilization methods, ensuring proper infection control protocols are followed.

7. *Handle Design:* Ergonomically designed handles for better grip and control during procedures.

8. *Single-Use or Reusable:* Some K files are designed for single-use, while others can be reprocessed for multiple uses after proper sterilization.

9. *Compatibility:* Compatible with various endodontic motor systems for efficient and controlled instrumentation.

It’s crucial for dental professionals to choose the appropriate size and type of K file based on the patient’s root canal anatomy and treatment requirements.

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